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Eclipse Courtesy Solar light with PIR 

  • Eclipse Courtesy Solar light with PIR 

Eclipse Courtesy Solar light with PIR 

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Eclipse Courtesy Solar light with PIR 

The Eclipse Courtesy Solar light with PIR combines both solar and LED technology to produce a unique high quality product that can provide effective illumination in those areas that have no electricity. During the day, the built in solar panel collects sunlight and charges the batteries ready for night-time use. A photo-sensor installed within the light illuminates the LEDs once darkness falls and automatically cuts them off when the sun rises in the morning. During darkness, The Eclipse Courtesy Solar light with PIR operates at a lower brightness throughout the night. A built-in infrared motion sensor can detect movement so that when people pass nearby, the light increases its power to nearly 100% giving a much brighter illumination for up to 60 seconds. The light is very practical and easy to install and great for locations that have no power. Its strong aluminium casing provides a weatherproof seal and a built-in bracket attached to it, allows the Eclipse to be fastened to both poles and walls. This value-engineered lighting system allows any potential customer to save money or purchase several of these lights together to provide complete illumination of chosen areas. Includes over-voltage, under-voltage and under current protection with a PIR range up to 4 metres.


Renewable, energy saving solar power
Waterproof/corrosion-proof body and brackets
Can be wall mounted to poles or walls
PIR Sensor Range - 4 Metres
Lifetime up to 50,000hrs


12 Watt 900 Lumens 
3 Watt solar pannel
Charge time 6 Hours 
Battery 16WH (7.2V/2200mAh) 
Operating temperature -20 to +60°C
Size 40x21x11.5cm





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