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Scintalite Rotating​ Jewellery Light

  • Scintalite Rotating​ Jewellery Light

Scintalite Rotating​ Jewellery Light

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Scintalite Rotating​ Jewellery Light Natural Brilliance Displayed 

The SCINTALITE jewellery light has been designed to maximise diamonds and gems natural brilliance. Turning a static diamond store display into an impressive glimmer of shining light from the diamonds and gems
on display. The type of the LED used and the exact design characteristics of the rotating head create a natural effect while eliminating any artificial “disco or strobe effect”. As the light from the rotating LED’s moves through the diamond or gems it is scattered and fractured creating a scintillating sparkle. The SCINTALITE is recommended for use with other spot lighting and can be mounted on the side or the roof of a display cabinet up to 1 metre from the diamonds or gems to be displayed.
Power to the DC motor that drives the LED head is through wireless induction ensuring the SCINTALITE will have a long trouble free service life.


Jewellery display cabinets


Drive store traffic
Create exciting natural displays
Capture the customers attention


Available in Black or White
LED Power: 6 Watt Colour Temperature 6500 K
Lumen Output: 600 lm
Unit Input: 12 Volt DC 1 Amp
Power Adaptor 240V / 12V DC supplied with a 3 pin plug that can easily fit existing lighting points
Supplied with recessed mounting flange
Recommended Mounting Height: Up to 1m from display area

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