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Welcome to EFO POWER

Our range of energy efficient and technologically advanced products have applications across domestic, commercial and industrial applications. We Feature a range of retail products as well as high quality product solutions for the Electrical industry.
New products are consistently been developed and added so please give us a call or email if you have any questions or project inquiries.   

Power Bank

The Power Bank is a unique powerful all-in-one power storage device in that it contains all the constituent parts of a solar power storage system within a weatherproof casing. The opportunities for different uses are only limited by a persons imagination and the availability of this advanced technology certainly assists in  helping green technology move forward in leaps and bounds. 


EFO Power offers a range of niche solar products suitable for areas where mains power is not available or readily accessible. Our growing range offers off grid solar storage systems, lithium batteries, solar lighting and panels. Our solar products are technologically advanced and of excellent quality.  

LED Lighting

The LED market goes two ways; its either the race to be the brightest or a race to be the cheapest. EFO Power has chosen to be the brightest and the best quality in the market using the latest advancements in LED technology to achieve increased lumens per Watt whilst maintaining competitive market pricing. 


Whether it is for your home or business EFO Power security products are an essential part in safeguarding your property. New product development and reliable quality are key factors to this division.